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Vocalist of The Killers: “We are not celebrities”

The melody resounds in the minds of all of us. “Are we human? Or are we dancers? My sign is vital, my hands are cold”. The song is called “Human” and catapulted to fame, but they do not really like that word, this American band formed in Las Vegas, lead by vocalist / keyboardist / bassist Brandon Flowers.

“Away from the celebrities is where we like to be. We do not seek fame ever, but it came. We try to manage it”, says Flowers from the United States. Confess, among other things, that has happy memories of his first concert in Lima.

Brandon Flowers

It is the second time visiting Peru. How do you feel?

-Very good, very eager to meet again with our fans. They are great.

What can fans expect from the concert will offer Peruvians?

-always try to bring a bit of Las Vegas where we go. We will be the usual, those who see in the videos of concerts, with a lot of energy. We are very proud of this show.

We were in America for some time. Did you think having so many fans around here?

-Suddenly we realized: it was happening all over the world and Latin America was no exception. Whenever you want your music heard so massive, but definitely did not expect this.

You always said that fame was not what The Killers looking at first… 

-The fame came too early for us, I was 21. Do not consider ourselves celebrities; try to get away from the world of celebrities, red carpets and things like that. It’s not something we want or need to do, but it works for many people. We are happy.

In the past, critics have been tough with The Killers. What were his views on his new album, “Battle Born”? 

-Well, we believe it is better than the previous albums. You can not hear the voices much because there are people you like and people you do not. I think the fans are the voice you want to hear.

“Human” is their best known song. Having to overcome a burden to you? 

-It’s a matter of personality, I think. Some people see it as a song that makes them warriors. For me, that song fills me with light. It changes my way to do the things, causes fights me. It’s what makes us human.

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