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Trailer of 1D3D, the movie of One Direction

It was not long ago we reported that the famous documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock would be directing a film of the popular boyband British One Direction, but were not sure if it was a concert film with the style Jonas Brothers:

The 3D Concert Experience or something more documentary as Katy Perry: Part of Me. Now we can see what kind of movie musical is, as the band has released the teaser trailer for the film, currently titled 1D3D, and can see it today in this article.

A quality trailer

One Direction

The truth is that progress is fairly well done, something that could come to expect from a film directed by Spurlock, and that seems to differentiate 1D3D of others of its kind. Like the film of Katy Perry , it seems to focus more on the biographical side of the band, how members react to fame, causing hysteria in the huge number of fans (and probably has fans, but not the trailer shows), what they do while they are on stage and the opinions of family members to the careers of young.

So carefully moves forward by each of the premises of the film, best documentary style, with small fragments of excited fans waiting at the doors of hotels and department stores, testimonies of relatives and occasional quotes one member band (Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson).

Then, reaching half the advance is where things get out of control, showing the follies of One Direction backstage, rehearsals and many other activities, such as balancing cups on the heads of his bandmates.

At the center of the spotlight

Admittedly, the title of the documentary leaves much to be desired, but it is a good idea after all, as many of the fans shorten the name of the band to 1D, and what better way to make them go see the associate the term film format that will be presented in the film? I really do not understand is why it is done in 3D, if probably not be much you can exit the screen, although the logo of the film is very clever. Columbia Pictures, behind the subsidiary TriStar Pictures, will be distributing this film.

For those who do not know One Direction, is a band that originated thanks to the television show The X-Factor and, under the guidance of entertainment mogul Simon Cowell, reached worldwide popularity thanks to billions of adolescent and prepubescent. Very recently took new album and the documentary will focus on the tour they did to promote it worldwide.

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