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Tim Burton and Danny Elfman get together for a concert

In an event that not many fanatics of the movies could come they conceive in their minds, the popular director Tim Burton and his musical collaborator of a lot years Danny Elfman will be doing reality the dreams of a lot of the fanatics of the incredible soundtracks of the films of Burton, like The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Young Hands of Scissors, Alicia in the wonderland and others Classics with scores stunning. How? Through a unique concert in London, where Elfman will be playing all the songs.

Symbiosis film

Those fans of Elfman will have not only the opportunity to hear live praised many of his compositions, but also could get to know him in person, as a unique event, hear the musician sing after more than two decades without it. The band that will accompany this concert is the BBC Concert Orchestra that while not the Royal Philharmonic, will surely make a good job with the particular scores.

Danny Elfman

The news website The Telegraph was the first to announce the details of this event, anticipating that will be held on 7 October this year (have time to save up enough money for airfare) in the Royal Albert Hall, a of the most beautiful concert halls and large planet, to be equipped with many audiovisual platforms ensures that the show will not only have good music, but also images of the films whose songs are being performed.

A unique opportunity

Burton is almost guaranteed to be present and, as in the press release makes it clear that the show “explores the collaborative relationship between music and narrative, the process and importance in the film”, we can expect a director’s intervention more than one point in the event. Not the first time that parts of the Burton films are brought into shows, as recently held an exhibition on Frankenweenie, and other films in the past.

We recommend that you go rushing to buy tickets on the website of the Royal Albert Hall, as they are only the VIP (which guarantees optimal quality of enjoyment of the concert, well worth the price) for £ 150. Most of the VIP packages with free dinner come up, if they want to review the economic possibilities.

Danny Elfman & Tim Burton

No word yet on whether the show will be recorded to eventually edited on home video or be broadcast live over the Internet, so I’ll let you know if there are these options and also avoids spending much money.

How about this collaboration by Tim Burton and Danny Elfman? Will they see this concert?

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