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The music of Finland

When most people think of Finish music they immediately thinks of metal and heavy rock and they would be pretty much right. The whole of Scandinavia is very keen on their heavy music and some of the biggest bands from the scene have come from that region. Finland come be seen as the center of this movement. Him have secured huge success in America not only with their music but also making appearances on Jackass star Bam Margera’s program on MTV, Him have recently released their 6th studio album and show no sign of slowing down.

One band without the same longevity was the Rasmus, the Rasmus had a huge UK and American hit with into the shadows back in the early 2000’s and followed this up with a self titled album which sold very well, both in Europe and the US, unfortunately for the rasmus though fame and success was not to be long lived, the beginning of the end seemed to be their Leeds and reading festival appearances in which they were booed from the stage, not to mention bottles been thrown too. From here on in it seems the rasmus could never recover their past glory’s, although not taking America of central Europe by storm anymore the Rasmus still remain huge in their native Finland.

Another success story to come from the finish music scene was those crazy men in masks Lordi, Lordi have also released a number of albums which have sold well in the UK and America and also played high up the bill at some huge festivals such as Ozzzfest and Download in Donington UK. Lordi’s most well known moment must be entering last years Eurovision song content though, although not winning they put on a great show and gave the audience value for money. Its not only the high profile bands making waves in Finland, there are many up and coming bands to keep an eye out for, The Troll hunters are making waves in the local scene as are Uusi Kiss, these guys really do keep up a fine tradition for Finish heavy music as they also perform all in costumes, even once performing on pirate ship!

If you like your music loud and rocky then head to Finland! You wont regret it.

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