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The fans of the Beatles discover a new anthology of the group

The Beatles will release a second album with a collection of live performances recorded by the legendary British group in the sixties to a station from the BBC, reported today the web the newspaper “The Guardian”.

The news has not been confirmed by Universal Music, part of a blog devoted followers of the iconic Liverpool formation, which once formed Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George Harrison.

The Beatles

According to British newspaper, this hardcore quartet learned of the alleged impending release of another anthology with rare material, thanks to the group’s Facebook page label MCA Music.

The firm is a subsidiary of Universal Music Philippines, and the company currently has the rights group’s catalog. The fans of the internet site WogBlog saw as that label in the Philippines promised on their Facebook page a new anthology of the band, of which only remain vivid McCartney and Starr.

According to MCA Music, the alleged new collection of Beatles recordings collected have not been released yet of performances dating from the mid sixties to the radio station of the BBC.

These followers were tying ropes up to find out data of this new volume as the month of launch, the design of the cover of the album and the name of the photographer whose image appears in color on the cover “The Guardian” has not been disclosed.

Neither Universal Music in the United Kingdom or from the USA has confirmed the news of the British journal

The first volume of “Live At The BBC” consists of 56 songs and 13 dialogue recordings of musicians drawn from the group’s performances on the BBC’s Light Programme program, now called BBC Radio2.

The double CD was released in 1994 and peaked at number one on the charts in the UK and number three in the U.S..

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