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Soundtrack adds excitement to Grand Theft Auto V

The appreciation for the soundtracks of video games do not often go beyond the fandom composed gamers or players loyal to a franchise. However, there are themes and full scores that are part of the imagination of generations. In this case, the launch of the new title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise means-plus great news for fans of digital entertainment, a pleasant surprise for music lovers.

Even with the leak of the soundtrack of “Grand Theft Auto V” (GTA V), the company Rockstar gave more information than does the soundtrack add a lot more excitement to highly anticipated game that will be released on September 17.

Grand Theft Auto V

According to Rolling Stone, Rockstar elaborates on stations and DJs to complement the crimes that the three protagonists of this title place in the fictional city of Los Santos. No doubt the work of the soundtrack supervisor, Ivan Pavlich is responsible for creating the atmosphere to the GTA is accustomed to gamers loyal to the franchise.

Among the most important of these is that GTA V will have 15 radio stations (two of them talk radio) that will give the player access to different genres over 240 songs and other compositions created especially to be part of this block sound equivalent to 20 films.

Thus, “GTA V” is not only songs worth involved in different niches of the culture, and has its own compositions. They will be working three composers: Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream and Woody Jackson, who was in charge of the recordings of “Red Dead Redemption” and “LA Noire”.

“It’s the greatest soundtrack we’ve done”, says Pavlovich. While non-music stations, which could be classified as radio or radio review will consist of lectures, interviews and talks.

Many DJs included are celebrities who do not fit exactly with the genre of the station to direct, but certainly will give you the necessary realism. In this case, “Bootsy” Collins will host a station devoted to the rhythms of the 80s, while actress Pam Grier will arrange a broadcaster focused on the Soul and Kenny Loggins takes control of the broadcaster Rock.

However, the soundtrack also has speakers to suit current tastes, so modern rock station will be provided by the voices of Stephen Pope and Nate Williams band Wavves surf rock and noise.

Another station, “West Coast Classics” will host a DJ Pooh who, according to the film Pavlich-created Friday in addition to helping write “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”.

Meanwhile, the radio station “Radio Rebel” will be a station that will play “outlaw country” and the announcer will Jesco White.

Also, the soundtrack will also include Flying Lotus in diffusing “FlyLo FM” which is responsible for mixing songs from different stations.

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