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One Direction? Will occupy the throne of The Beatles?

In the music world there is an empty throne, but strangely not dusty after many years, is the supposedly stopped using The Beatles when they parted after that famous concert in the roof.

No dusty, because the immortal music of the quartet has been busy shaking those who have dared try to sit on him, so much so that many have proclaimed successors and are now forgotten. Who wanted to play the site, such as The Monkees, lasted many years forgotten, that it was not until the movie Shreck the rose, that new generations heard of them and were surprised to desubrir that music was printed on discs vinyl.

One Direction

But the throne, gentlemen, still empty in sight and hairy occupied by four spirits, two of them already enjoying eternal peace wherever they are. Today, the Huffington Post, in its British edition, proposed as successors to the throne the group One Direction. Excess? Optimism? Gimmick?? Or maybe vision and time has come?. Consider its arguments.

The premiere of (whoever think of a plagiarism of the title “This Is It” can do it), “This Is Us”, the documentary that reflects the pop phenomenon tour 2012 One Direction , 70,000 fans caused adolescents streets recorrieran London towards Leicester Square, euphoria not seen in this country since the 60s with The Beatles.

This is the first evidence, although we can not make comparisons with the greatest freedom of expression and the increased number of components of the current young generation, so that the proportions should be treated with statistical rigor, but the euphoria and social phenomenon there are.

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne landed early and came to sign autographs for some of their fans euphoric as they prepared for the first public showing of her film debut.

“Fans of The Beatles were as fanatical as the followers of One Direction, creating hysteria around the world and even trying to climb the railings of Buckingham Palace”, The Huffington Post likened in its British edition.

“We saw the film of The Beatles when they played for the first time in the United States and saw a real likeness our personality” was the judgment (of course, some partial) Harry Styles in his statement to the BBC Radio 1.

In 35 countries, the movie “This Is Us” has reached number one, agreeing with those who argue that the phenomenon is real and One Direction will leave its mark, course, we talked about real data and 35 countries, which is a endorsement even for skeptics.
The British press starts talking about its new The Beatles, comparing A Hard Days Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine and Let It Be, with the debut of “This Is Us”. Of course, even the detractors of either group need to recognize that for a girl 60 pictures in black and white the same passion aroused the colorful pictures of actual girls today. In that respect there are no contradictions.

The Huffington Post notes that for decades had not seen anything like it, goes a little beyond saying that you will ever see, but until the next movie One Direction. This small contribution to the controversy raises a road with three ways: first, that One Direction will sit on the throne of The Beatles, and second, that One Direction will forge its own throne and third. that within 40 years an animated music resurrect One Direction and even then people who still worship The Beatles, One Direction will remember, that will be as forgotten as were The Monkees and say, “Ah! we were good”.

Time will tell, beyond what we think every person, whether that person columnist for the Huffington Post.

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