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My Guitar, playing guitar on your Samsung

The applications music was one of the first tools that had more impact on smartphones. And it was amazing how many users and applications knowledge to play musical instruments as a band managed to sound professional. One of these tools can be My Guitar, an application designed especially for terminals Korean Samsung that allows playing guitar directly into the terminal.

This is a utility curious for music lovers and instrument. And is that beyond showing the classic instrument neck and sound each string with only touch, offering a lot of options more like different types of guitar, different ways of touching and other issues that make the most know the more experienced. All this through an application neat in appearance and it works really well, avoiding the latency of the sound from the user touches the screen.

My Guitar Samsung

Just start the application must accept the conditions of use in which the user is informed that introduces advertising banners. After that as you access the home screen, where you see a neck guitar with six strings and four frets to play. In shape, My Guitar allows you to play the desired note on the push desired fret without realistically do (by pressing the fret and strumming the string).

However, developers have thought about this, and just press the menu and access the Play mode, you can choose other options. Here the realistic possibility to touch of way exists selecting Solo, Tap is the form by defect, to facilitate harmonious in Chords and a mixture of these two last options in C + Tap. And it is that not the same play on a touch screen than on a real guitar.

Moreover, from the menu, you can also access the selection of types of guitar that you can play My Guitar at the touch of Guitar type. Specifically there are four options presented: Acoustic (default), Spanish (Nylon), electrical and muted (silenced version of the electric guitar). But if the sound of different guitars these are not enough, you can always add sound effects from the menu Effects. Here you can choose from three main effects and other side five ranging from the tremolo, the echo. As if they have such a real amp.

Finally, we can not forget the huge amount of Settings menu options. Here it is possible to lengthen the neck of the guitar to the six frets, perhaps its weakest point not being able to have a complete guitar, set the visual aspect of the application, from the color of the guitar strings animating or, even the possibility of adding a capo on any fret.

In short, an application that is surprisingly large number of options, making it a tool perfect for guitar lovers who want to always carry this instrument, even on mobile. The best thing is that My Guitar is available for download free for devices Samsung through Samsung Apps.

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