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La Santa Cecilia is baptized musically with Elvis Costello

The Angeleno group La Santa Cecilia continues to reap success with their latest album, ”thirty days”, a job in which the band has had the opportunity to share with musicians admire, such as the renowned singer and filmmaker Elvis Costello and Mexican musician Sergio Arau.

“It’s great to collaborate with artists you admire as Elvis Costello and Sergio Arau, not only musically but also making a video, as with Sergio (director of the film A Day Without a Mexican””)”, said Marisol Hernandez, vocalist the band known as The Marisoul.

La Santa Cecilia

On the album which was released last May under Universal Music Latino, the group consists of children of Mexican immigrants settled in Los Angeles performs with British artist Losing the game ”issue”.

“For us it was a great honor, Elvis sang not only wrote but also with us, we work together the lyrics and the music, we never thought that we would work with him”, added Hernandez.

The members of the alternative rock band that began in 2007 singing for tourists in the famous Olvera Street in Los Angeles, pleaded “fans” of Costello, a musician who upon entering the recording studio with them was “super humble”.

“When we met told us that he was also a fan of our music. We could not believe”, he said on his part the percussionist Miguel” Oso “Ramirez. The musician said that working with Costello meant a sort of “musical baptism”.

“That a music legend has joined us is a blessing and we say: ‘I believe in you like you believe in your own music, was our baptism”, he said.

Of his collaboration with filmmaker, musician (member of the group was founded 30 years ago in Mexico bottle of sherry) and artist Sergio Arau out the video for the song also included on the album ”The Monedita”.

“We met in the release of our album in Los Angeles. We were playing our new songs and the audience saw Sergio Arau and said ‘Wow, that’s Sergio Arau, that of bottle of sherry, and I wanted to rock out more songs. It was amazing, then stayed after the show and told us he liked our music”, said Marisoul.

“The song is about enjoying life and appreciates it without having much money to do it; you do not need great things to enjoy. It’s a situation that we ourselves, in the band, sometimes we live when we have a lot of money, but we always enjoy”, said Jose “Pepe” Carlos, accordionist.

In the video for this song about coins, money and how people think in accumulating, however, “there is no boats, no cars, no models, is simple and conveys the idea of appreciating what you have”, said Marisoul.

Public response to the group’s third album, described by LA Weekly as “the best alternative band of the year”, has been very positive, which keeps to La Santa Cecilia in good spirits to continue with a full agenda of presentations.

So this weekend the group will participate in the festival H20 Los Angeles, next go to Boston and then assist in fundraising for the Museum of the Americas in Denver (Colorado).

“We are pleased with the public response to” thirty days” because it is an album that likes Americans, Latinos, is for all the people because it has a bit of everything, northern blues, cumbia, vallenato, for everyone”, said bassist Alex Bendana.

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