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Katy B – Katy On A Mission

Katy B is a girl with a mission. Actually do not know precisely what is, perhaps giving a demonstration of how you handle a base of pure dubstep, cooking but not the domain of low and not devalue the vital work done by percussion, as it is seasoned and then adding sounds funky so that finally uses accompanied by an outline of persuasive vocals.

Katy B

These are the premises which accommodate this Katy On A Mission song in which the siren song of Katy, haunting in places as powerful in others, with all one becomes an effective and robotics instrumental part that crosses the garage made in UK (assuming it is still possible to separate clearly the thousands of sub-genres), the electro house and some of that R & B dross that our passion is great.

Native of the southern half of London, Katie O’Brien immediately enters the charts in its first attempt, came after years as a vocalist in the music club, Katy On A Mission is produced from Benga, compatriot Katy B and other face new to the English dub.

To publish Katy B thinks instead Rims, until recently one of the many pirate radio stations around the United Kingdom (to which we must, for example, the explosion of Dizzee Rascal).

Katy On A Mission will be on sale from next August 22 (full-length album for a while now not even speaking).

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