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Justin Bieber soon duet with Tini Tempah

It connects the collaborations: Justin Bieber is definitely coveted. After Usher and Mariah Carey is Tini Tempah who will share a title with Justin Bieber.


The stars of pop, rap and R’n’B flock to the door of Justin Bieber to afford a collaboration with singer revealed the title Baby. Justin Bieber announced a new duo to come via his Twitter account. Tini Tempah the singer Written in the Stars it has apparently worked with Justin Bieber a remix of the album Under the Mistletoe. Tini Tempah also confirmed the news via his Twitter: “I just do something amazing!”

Duets with the chain

Justin Bieber began his career with the kindness of his mentor Usher, who had spotted the singer on YouTube. Justin Bieber has apparently very quickly understood the need to surround in the hard music world and succeeded as the artist with that work. The year 2011 will have been the year of the featuring for Justin Bieber.

For his latest album dedicated to Christmas, Under the Mistletoe, Justin Bieber is accompanied by Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey his mentor Usher and, more surprisingly, Busta Rhymes. Also, one could hear him alongside Chris Brown for Ladies Love Me earlier this year. One black spot on the board: Justin Bieber would afford a duet with Lil Wayne, but the rapper would not surrender.

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