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Jesse L. Martin replaces Lenny Kravitz in the biopic of Marvin Gaye

Just when it seemed the biopic of Marvin Gaye, Sexual Healing, was moving forward, it receives a blow. But it is has not been recovered. Lenny Kravitz was agreed to play the late artist in the movie musical, but he has withdrawn from the project, thus leaving Julien Temple and study with the decision to hire Jesse L. Martin, who was attached to the project of the time when James Gandolfini would produce the biopic.

Exchanging talents

The reason Kravitz was retired because he is a close friend of the son of Gaye, Marvin Gaye III, one of the main opponents of the project as it comes branding of “gross” in interviews, then preferred to lose a role film and not a close. In addition, Gaye III has several plans to sue the production, it seems to end up seeing little or no Sexual Healing, or suffer the curse of a biopic original musical without songs like Jimi Hendrix.

Lenny Kravitz

In addition, the singer is not required for this role as it is rotating disks and also promoting their plays Cinna in The Hunger Games. Jesse L. Martin surely can know what Law & Order and, as mentioned previously, was in the project before the manager himself, as it has an extensive repertoire and musical theater including the incarnation of the character of Tom Collins in the work of Broadway Rent.

Armando great success

Deadline also announced that veteran Irish actor Brendan Gleeson joining the project would be playing the British promoter Cousaert Freddy, who is responsible for putting back on the road Gaye’s success after he fell into various addictions and had to retire to Europe 80s for rehabilitation. Vassal Benton and Fred Bestall also joined as independent producers of this film.

Sexual Healing has been brewing since time immemorial, and it seems that has now taken the title of his biopic predecessor failed or, at least, has merged (considering that now shares title and lead actor). Kravitz is a pity that he could not realize this interpretation, but Martin seems very well trained and closely resembles physically talented soul died in 1984 by a shot, so by the time the project is well underway.

Temple would be starting to roll Sexual Healing in late March or early April for a possible launch in 2014.

Do you think Jesse L. Martin is a good replacement for Lenny Kravitz? How do you like the idea of this biopic of Marvin Gaye?

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