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Leather Jacket of Joey Ramone was auctioned at $ 18,000

The inseparable coat of leather of Joey Ramone, leader of the Ramones, was sold at nearly 18,000 dollars during an auction carried out in New York, in which also other personal objects of the leader of the punk group were sold.

“The auction was a success and we are excited to know the great impact it has had on so many countries”, said Bobby Livingstone, vice president of the house RR Auction, responsible for the sale.

Joey Ramone

It is a matter of an “incredible” jacket of black leather with skin of zebra that Joey “carried always”, as recalled Livingston, about a made to measure token for the singer and that had a starting price of 300 dollars.

The jacket was not the object that reached the highest price in the auction, because a lot of shirts of legendary singer sold more than $ 21,500, and a collection of his personal records in $ 19,200.

An anonymous bidder paid nearly $ 12,500 by the singer’s passport, glasses offered by almost $ 7,700 for one of their electric guitars $ 6300, and one of her spiked bracelets $ 1,600.


“None of the objects has been shown in public before, everyone was in the department of Joey”, said Livingstone on the 81 objects before the auction were exposed at the bar Bowery Electric, near the “temple of punk” New Yorker “CBGB”.

The exhibition at the Bowery, which was attended by the musician’s brother, Mickey Leigh, served to raise funds through donations to Joey Ramone Foundation for Lymphoma Research, a disease that ended his life in 2001.

The sale also included other guitars of the musician, his collection of albums, dozens of shirts, some of his famous round glasses and multiple manuscripts in which he outlined the letters of his legendary songs.

Joey Ramone, originally from Queens, formed the legendary punk band in 1974 with his friends John Cummings, better known as Johnny Ramone and who also died of cancer in 2004, and Douglas Colvin or Dee Dee Ramone, who died of an overdose in 2002.

The band broke up in 1996 after the festival “Lollapalooza”, but the legacy he left with songs like “I Wanna Be Sedated”, “Judy Is a Punk” and “Beat the Brat” made them one of the most legendary names punk.

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