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How to set music playlists with the Samsung Galaxy S4

Not being a regular refrain longer more true: mobile has long ceased to be a mere phone. Devices that were pushed into retirement with the entrance of smart in this type of terminal functions include portable music – commonly-known players MP3, said soon and ill. And it is that smartphones have at least a system that allows us to listen to music in a variable number of formats, depending on the power and profile of the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, being one of the references of high-end right now, and mobile firm of the year candidate, is to be the most complete to be found in the market. That is why we must not fail to enjoy your media player, especially if we have many albums and music playlists. Let’s see how to configure them to have at our disposal our favorite music.


First things first, and for defining playlists we have the raw material, in this case, sound files with the songs that will make up our playlists. To do this, we can connect the Samsung Galaxy S4 by USB to the computer and wait for it to detect it as an external drive, in case of using a computer with Mac OS X, we would have to use application to transfer files from Android – so you just have to go dragging folders with music files or each track individually to the folder to another.

There is another method, but more on that later. For now, let’s stay with that we have passed the Samsung Galaxy S4 the songs we want to compose our playlist.

Once we get what we want in the memory of Samsung Galaxy S4 -or memory card that we have installed on the phone, open the application to recognize with the concise name “Music”. If the files you have transferred to the mobile contain ID tags to track information, the Samsung Galaxy S4 indexed submit them according to various criteria: albums, artists, songs or folders.

These sections will see in tabs presented in the upper area, which also locate that interest, us at this point: “Playlists”. We press there and, if we have not set anything, the system we propose four criteria to automate the task, as the tracks are marked as favorites, are the most played, the’ve heard recently or have been incorporated into the phone recently.

But if we do it manually, which would have to do is go to the menu “Tracks”, let down your finger on one of the tracks, and when the popup menu appears, select “Add to Playlist”. This will lead to another menu, where we see the listings already configured. In case it is the first time we did this operation, we can open a new list, which then will serve to gradually incorporate all the songs you want to group.

And we said that there was another way to accomplish this task. Reclaim the step where we connected the Samsung Galaxy S4 by USB to the computer, but instead of using it as an external drive; we will resort to the desktop application Kies. This is a wizard program similar to iTunes for iPhone. In the menu on the left find an option that allows us to compose playlists from your computer, so when we synchronize this data with the phone load the new information without having to explore the options that we have described.

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