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Draco Rosa rediscovers New York after beating cancer

The Puerto Rican singer Draco Rosa presented tomorrow in New York, a city that is rediscovering, with attention to detail and enjoying every moment of his life after winning his battle cancer. After three years devoted to recovery Rosa has returned to the stage where he spent nearly his life since he began his career with Menudo, then focus on his solo career and composer.

“I’m happy to be in New York, circling the city, visiting people and television shows. I love it. It’s like they say: you survive cancer and start a new life. I am enjoying that”, he said.

Draco Rosa

Rosa will have a short presentation tomorrow at the Copacabana club in the downtown Times Square before a group of fans who won tickets to the encounter with the artist, who is in the midst of promoting his new album “Life” with duets with some of leading Latin singers, who performed while undergoing medical treatment.

He noted that “Life”, which is sung by Ricky Martin, Juan Luis Guerra, Shakira, Juanes, Alejandro Sanz, Mana and Jose Feliciano, among other stars, comes amid the crisis of his illness, “because he thought was part of my legacy, not because three years ago has decided to make an album of duets”.

He stressed that these artists “came to be supportive at a difficult time” and record this album, which was released in March.

Pink, author of some of Ricky Martin hits as “Mary”, “The cup of life” and “She Bangs”, underwent various treatments, from natural, trying to avoid chemotherapy, which eventually had to undergo, to a bone marrow transplant.

“The opportunity to do this is amazing. Feel that finally I have a purpose in life. Music is part of my life”, he said of his return to the stage the singer, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and last December received the news that he was free of the disease.

“Sometimes we need to have perspective. I did not have the ability to see beyond and had to have a coup to know how nice it is to be alive, how nice to be able to do these things”, said the artist, who says he wants to talk to the public about cancer and treatment alternatives.

After New York will travel to the Dominican Republic to record with Juan Luis Guerra the video “This is life” theme he called one of his “best compositions”, which emerged when facing “an existential crisis”.

“It was a powerful moment in my life. Important parts people are serious, important”, argued the artist, who has already made the video with Alejandro Sanz, who recorded “As I remember”.

The agenda of the artist for 2013 includes concerts in October and the next month into the studio to record another album of unreleased tracks, to be presented in December in Puerto Rico and continue to tour.

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