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David Bowie: Tilda Swinton in his new video and welcomed back

This week David Bowie revealed his second single The Stars (Are Out Tonight), before the go out of his album, The Next Day, next March 11. This title of which the pop video presents Tilda Swinton filled with enthusiasm the critics.

Eleven years ago, David Bowie made his comeback to the music with his album Heathen, which was unconvinced. In 2003, the interpreter of Life On Mars was released Reality. Then, more nothing. For ten years, fans of the singer expecting a return of their idol lightning on the face but rumors of disease David Bowie had discouraged them.

David Bowie

Yet, against all odds, on January 8, the day of his 66 years, he announced a new album, The Next Day. Exploit the project remained secret until the end! He unveiled her second single this week, The Stars (Are Out Tonight), with a clip retro successful which features Tilda Swinton, actress from Narnia.

Transform The British actress appears with blond hair styling, makeup blue, very Marilyn Monroe look and seventies, housewife in model David Bowie. Their life is disturbed by dreams and starlets rocks that awaken their libido.

The music is resolutely rock, the electric guitars themselves give some to heart joy, the big cash register rings curtly, and the voice of David Bowie, as on the point to break itself, we recall that of the vouchers remember.

Just the cover of The Next Day, which follows that of Heroes should we put a flea in his ear. Damage, for the moment there is no date scheduled. Maybe it will come as international criticism welcomed this new album.

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