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Beyonce makes trademark Blue Ivy!

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s rear ensure their granddaughter Ivy Blue. They just drop the name into a brand.

Beyonce makes trademark

Beyonce and Jay-Z see things in very large for their small Princess Blue Ivy. Indeed, we learn that the name of the baby is now… a recognized brand. The most powerful couple of music comes from file name “Blue Ivy” to the Patent and Trademark Office, the American equivalent of the INPI (national Institute of industrial property).

Blue Ivy Carter: one month, a song and an empire

It is not a temporary insanity on the part of Jay-Z and Beyonce, parents wishing indeed protect the name of their child. In truth, both stars want to create a range of baby products that bear the name of their dolls. It would include children’s cosmetics, a line of childcare but also a clothing line for toddlers. The little Ivy Blue, a month, a song and a future business empire! Really, this child is blessed by the gods!

A child blessed of the gods, and especially very spoiled! Nothing is too good for Ivy Blue Carter must say her parents coming to disburse the tune of EUR 500 000 to provide a horse rocking to their dear little Princess… Not do anything the horse… it is gold!

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